Week #1 October 4 - 8
Selection of students;


Week #2 October 11 - 15
Registration of all participants on the web. Participants should send the following to thalesamorim@ufmg.br for uploading to the website by October 12:

  1. an icon of the applicant (JPEG, 50 x 50 pixels),
  2. a short video or up to five JPEG images as examples of the applicant’s work (images with a height of 350 pixels and JPEG thumbnails, for videos or images, with height of 50 pixels),
  3. a 120 word statement of interests outlining an approach to the subject of HERE, NOW including an indication of which media the student would like to work in (sound, photography, text, video, drawing etc). Remember you will only have 2 weeks to make the work, so be realistic about what you can do in that time,
  4. Your email address,
  5. Website or blog (optional).

Week #3 October 18 - 22
Select your partners for the collaboration. This is a process of negotiation. You will probably need to contact more than one person before you find someone to work with. Ideas will change at this stage. It is important to combine aspects of your ideas with your partner’s ideas so the work is a genuine collaboration.
All partners/groups agreed and information about who you are going to work with to thalesamorim@ufmg.br by October 25.


One week gap October 25 - 29


Weeks #4 & #5 November 1 - 12

Deadline for work to be completed..


Week #6 November 15 - 19

Final results must be sent to thalesamorim@ufmg.br until November 17.

* The images/videos must be sent with an exhibition plan. The web page will works like a wall, ie, it's should not be a fancy plan. :P


Week #7 November 22

The results will be uploaded until November 22.

(for staff only) A collaborative evaluation report to be produced from the seminar, including suggestions for future development.


Further activities

Exhibitions of the project.



The works will be exhibited in the virtual gallery of this site