September 06, 2011.

Collective Body at UFMG Cultural Centre

22 collaborative projects, 53 artists, 3 continents.
The Collective Body exhibition at UFMG Cultural Centre presents, from 9th. September to 9th. October 2011, art pieces made in a collaborative approach by artists from Brazil, England and India through the last three years.
Such collective show takes an eminent set of the Collective Body project results to the public’s eyes as well as offers an opportunity for all to discuss how collaborative artwork and Internet has played a role on the contemporary art environment.


Collective Body Exhibition 
09.09.2011 to 09.10.2011
09.09.2011, 8:00 pm (UTC/GMT -3h) – Private view
UFMG Cultural Centre, Main Gallery, 1st. floor
Santos Dumont Ave, 174, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
Opening times: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm


Curators: Marilene Ribeiro & Miriam Chiara
Editorial coordinator: Anna Karina Bartolomeu
Executive coordinator: Marilene Ribeiro
Visual ID and website design: Thales Amorim
Production of the exhibition: Collective Body
General coordinator: Patrícia Azevedo


Ana Carvalho, Anna Martins, Ankita Asthana, Beytan Erkmen, Ben Corless, Camila Fernandes, Cassandra Henau, Claire Dearnley, Claudio Vitor Vaz, Charlotte Wormley-Healing, Chloe Plumb, Coral Moran, David Summerill, Dominic Clark, Elisa Grasso, Emily Matthews, Estrella Herrera, Fernando Ancil, Filipe Chaves, Flávia Peluzzo, Gabriela Sá, Grigoris Digkas, Hellen Hulbert, Henrique Teixeira, Ishaan Dixit, Joana Cifre Cerda, Kai-ho-Lau, Kanika Sharma, Leandro Aragão, Lorena Galery, Luíç Caixote, Lucas Sander, Lucy Sloss, Luísa Horta, Lygia Santos, Marcelo Adão, Maria Kapajeva, Mariana Garcia, Mariana Borges, Marilene Ribeiro, Maurício Rezende, Miriam Chiara,  Natasha Smith, Niccolo Fano, Paula Santos, Ravikiran Rangaswamy, Ruth Whetton, Soumyadip Ghosh, Tales Sabará, Thales Amorim, Tushar Joshi, Vanrochris Vieira


Late shift talk & the Virtual Catalogue launch event

On 26th. September 2011, 7:30pm, André Brasil (FAFICH-UFMG), Eduardo de Jesus (PUC-MG) and Brígida Campbell (EBA-UFMG) will lead a late shift talk guided by Anna Karina Bartholomeu (EBA-UFMG). The virtual catalogue of the exhibition will be also launched at that time.


26.09.2011, 7:30 pm
Cultural Centre of UFMG, 1st. floor
Santos Dumont Ave, 174, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil


June 30, 2011.

Exhibition at the Cultural Center of UFMG

We are preparing the exhibition will feature work of three editions of the project "Collective Body." Soon.

October 7, 2010.


Leeds Met; there is now a Collective Body group on the CAGD site so that Leeds participants and staff can keep in touch and advise each other.

On Wednesday 7, Clare travelled to Farnham to meet the students and take part in a presentation about Indian photography, Brazilian art and the Collective Body project with Anna Fox and Maria Kapajeva.
On Monday 11, We will do a similar thing in Leeds when Maria comes on Monday (2.00 traingle room).