In each of the universities involved in the program, processes run autonomously; the project balances different institutional approaches with a shared philosophy. A lecturer coordinates the program at each institution, meeting with students weekly to exchange ideas and experiences on the development of projects. Students and teachers opt to be part of this collective body, without any obligation and without direct reward in terms of academic marks.

The game takes place over five weeks. At first, a profile containing a portfolio and a proposed approach to the theme suggested, Belonging (2008 and 2009) and Here and Now (2010), is presented in the virtual environment built to host the program. Soon conversations start to happen and affinities emerge. Pairs or groups form and develop ideas from the initial profile proposals or invest in new ideas. In total freedom for three weeks, partners work using Facebook, Email, Messenger, Skype, Blog and more. In the last week the projects are finalized and posted on the program www.eba.ufmg.br / collectivebody. The game ends with a video conference where the for first and only time all participants are in a fun tower of Babel.