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Thinking about the mechanisms of universal communication, and globalization of cultures and policies, with the image and language as their main players, I propose that we use the means for obtaining image and language critically to question the consequences of so-called democratization of the means image that hides the constant capitalization of cultures. The fact that I do not speak or write in English is also a starting point, because I'm outside the dictates of global communication. So I propose first to think of the hegemonic use of this language not only in the mainstream media, but in all of our daily lives proclaim that political globalization, economic and cultural detecting its content and its "packaging" their display formats (such as these present themselves as goods). Another consensus is the global democratic discourse centered on American democracy as a means to a policy that pays lip service to equality and freedom. Think critically about that, too< /span>, where the distance between democratic discourse and reality? Thus, the proposal is a collection of materials: photographs, videos, actions that put the image of global culture and democratic issue.The talk about the proposal are given by the exchange of these materials making them available on youtube or any other sharing site video images or audio, the material collected from the subject and say what position we take on these issues. The final work will be the exchange and compilation of these materials.



I'm an art educator and I study Art at UFMG, my work involves photography, picture and embroidery.
My work with photography consists on the construction of new images playing with photos that me or other people take. Through the application of different techniques I delete and build new meanings.
My proposal is to work with postal cards, in order to know and welcome every partner's city, rebuilding its ideal images, with photo collages and other techniques, in order to make them scenes of an imaginary place, possible in Belo Horizonte or in any other place in the country.
The first step is to choose and post 3 postal cards that already exist, from your city in a blog that will be created to the proposal. After all partners post, we'll draft the postal cards, and each one will get three cards from cities other than theirs. After the raffle each one must rebuild the cards they took, with photo collages from the cities raffled, images, and what else they want, in order to create a new place possible to exist in their town. Lastly, each partner must mail this to all the other partners e post their new cards with a little message in the blog previously created.



I study Social Communication and work with social media. I am fascinated by the power of internet and it's hability to delivery everything, everywhere. I love analogical photography, specially the beauty of lomographs. I'm also interested in fashion, and see in it an amazing way to communicate and to express yourself. 
My idea for the collaborative project is to relate different countries through daily fashion. To photograph ordinary people, wearing ordinary clothes, that represent the basic way that people dress in each place. To connect them, I want to put the differences together, relating time zones, weather, climate...  The idea is to set a time and a place (for example: a popular square, a shopping center, a supermarket, a pool, a business building) for each shooting. For that, every member of this project should take photographs in the chosen place, at the same time. The images will be shared in a blog or other internet support chosen by the members of the project.



Hi everyone! I study graphic arts here in Brazil. I love to travel and I really enjoy seeing different things and learning about other cultures. So my PROPOSAL is based on the game `mastermind´where the player has to discover a hidden combination, using trial and error.  In the game the other player gives an indicator to show how many of the photos are correct and which one(s).

Step by step instructions
1)  Each person will start by posting their own sequence of four photos on a blog.  The other players will look at these photos and try to discover the hidden theme.  For example; a presence of the colour red or the presence of children.   It could also be implicit for example the theme could be children but they could be photographs of childrens toys etc.
2)  The players will then post 4 new photos trying to guess the theme or idea and then the other player will respond by saying which are correct and which are not.
3)  The ones which are incorrect have to be disregarded for example;  if you have two out of four correct the next time it is only nessesary to take two more photos.
The game finishes when all four photos allign correctly with the theme.


My name is Samuel and I`m a Social Communication student. Watching tv seems to me more a cultural than an individual act, and our relationship with the tv, its lights and its ubiquity, shows an intimacy that can be researched. The proposal is that each partner will take photos of viewers watching tv. The images should portray a way of contact and cultural relations of people in each country with the tv: environments in which you watch tv, with whom (or alone?), what type of programming is aired, at what time. In a second moment, these images must be exchanged between partners, and the idea is to reframe the daily life of the other writing narratives in the form of captions for the photos of the other.



I'm a 23 years old girl, almost graduated on Social Communication. I like to explore meanings, mostly of those curious things of our every day life, like names, gifts or those little things that we caught on the streets or somewhere that we went.

My Proposal: There is things i've never done
The mainly idea is try to know each other by proposing simple actions that we have never done, but would like to do someday (or to have done someday). For example, take the first bus and stay on it until the final bus stop or etc. Those actions could be surrounded by an subject, for example, "childhood" (something that I've never done when I was a child, but would like to), up to us decide it. Each person will take 3 photos, that shows what happened in the action. I think that could be an interesting way to know the other person, to ask what we like and do, as well to look ourselves secrets…



My name is Luíç. I am student of Graphics Arts of the UFMG. In my works I like assemble scenes with small objects, forms and characters created or cuted out on paper by me. I create small stories in order to photograph them.
My proposal: Many people share the same desire to see the world traveling to different places and countries. Some of them can not travel because of things like lack of time, little money or even by overwork. What I propose is to develop a project that seeks to bring people from different countries through a virtual interchange. Thus the interchange student will not need airplane, ship or boat to travel around the world.

How is this possible? Just follow the step-by-step.
1. The interchange visitor (partner 1) send an email to your host (partner 2) in another country, along with e-mail he sends his full-length portrait;
2. The host receives the e-mail, print the portrait and then glue on a cardboard (creating a display of partner 1);
3. The host could lead the interchange visitor (the portrait pasted on cardboard) for a ride so that the exchange student knows her home, school, city, or your friends;
4. The host will have the task of producing images showing the rides with the exchange student;
5. At the end hosts must share the images produced using any means of the web (blog, flickr, facebook).



Hi folks, my name is Maira Gouveia I'm twenty years old and I study Fashion Design. I like all kinds of art production but my real love is photography.
I have two proposals to make and if you guys are interested I'm available to discuss and develop them.
The first one is about bring to the public, using photography, all the process that one product pass in a production chain. And it's very important that the object is sold in the countries and cities of my potential partners. So we can see' the many people who are involved in the production chain, the manufacters (or producers), distributors, sellers and consumers, so we can compare the patterns of consumption, trade and working conditions of many places.
Those products we can choose together, anything that we agree that's easy find and take pictures. The cool think about it is that challenges everyone in the same adventure.
The other proposal I would like to developed is still very vague, it's something like take picturs of things you like and dislike about your town, school, home and routine.
I want to take a deeper look inside our lives, nothing like a documentary.
Well, I'm curious and open to your ideas.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mairagouveia



First of all, sorry for any possible (and probable) english mistakes!

I'm  a brazilian student of Social Communication - Journalism. I have a real passion for brazillian music and almost all of my works are inspered by it (specially "Negra Melodia" is inspired and dedicated to brazillian composers and singers) .
Usually I'm not a documentarist photographer. I'm more used to set the scene. I love to experiment techniques, and that's why in the portifolio i've included works with flip-books ("Tempo, tempo, tempo"), frames ("Negra melodia") and also a modest experiment with stop-motion. All of them almost handmade.

Nice to meet you all!

(For the complete portifolio: http://www.flickr.com/photos/69244964@N06/sets/  - Video experiments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rAwadptGjI / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-WoZxGnx3g)

My proposal: The idea is to propose the partners identify 5 symbols that they believe represent each other country. Preferably for the nonmaterial heritage, say, for England, could be the 5 o'clock tea, Beatles; for India caste system, Gandhi, etc. What would you propose to Brazil, Finland, Canada? Along with identifying these symbols, I would ask colleagues to select 5 images, between the existing, as a visual representation of those symbols choices.
In a second moment, those images must be exchanged between partners. Say, images of UK post to the English partner. So, it will be time for him to realize new images through perspective of real daily life. Same process with others partners. The idea is to reframe the symbols of each other countries.




I'm 23 years and I am a student of Social Communication at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. My research and activities related to photography and cinema. I like to work with digital and analogical photography, especially  lomography photos. I'm interested in the possibility of experimentation and exploration of the world, assigning new meanings to what is around me.
For the Collective Body project, the main idea is the exploration of urban night scenes. Every city at night becomes in a different atmosphere with lights and colors very unique. Amid this, there is always striking scenes and everyday urban which are very characteristic of each place. The aim is to bring urban night scenery of the cities to articulate aspects of single and pointing differences and similarities of the two worlds.

For this, we can propose to participants in each place, subject related to urban night setting night as crowd scenes, moments of happy hour, related to loneliness or even the time of fun and good company. The subject are open. We can choose and discuss all before the shoots.

It is not set proposal, we can negotiate about. :)



My name is Anna Luiza, I'm 22, about to graduate in journalism and still not sure about what is it that I want to do. For now, I'm dancing through life, working with social media, taking pictures and watching movies whenever I can and trying to read for at least half an hour everyday.
Facebook: Anna Luiza Costa - www.facebook.com/anninhafcosta / Email: anninhafcosta@gmail.com / Flickr: www.flickr.com/anninhacosta

Can you tell my taste in music?
Music has a way of making itself present in our lives, whether its on our daily routine or in special moments.  For that, it will always create a feeling in each and everyone of us, a bad or a good one.
My idea for Collective Body is to try to catch this feeling, by photographing people's reactions and face expressions while listening in headphones to an 8-song playlist pre-prepared by someone from another country or city. After photographing these people, we will exchange the photographs and try to figure out which song they were listening to in each photo, based on their reactions and expressions, appearance and three charachteristics non-related to music.

The catch with this proposal is that music will be portrayed and perceived with other senses, rather than the hearing sense. In this way, we will see how far do our pre-concepts go and what can a little profile and appearance say about someone's taste in music. It will also be interesting to analyse how can we all be connected by music, how will we react to songs that are popular or very know in other countries and see in which ways will the playlists be similar or different.

In order to achieve that, these could be the steps (I'm open to other thoughts to make this idea come to life) :) 
1. Choose 8 songs, from different styles, that are well known in your country, and select from 45 seconds to one minute from each one.  - The songs don't need to be performed by a band or singer from your country, they just should be known by most people in your country.
2. Create a playlist with these 8 songs and put them in an order that will create contrasts and enhance the reactions.
3. Exchange playlists with someone from another country.
4. Photograph people listening to the playlist you've received from the other person, all of them using headphones, in a close-up portrait. In this way, the face expression will be the most important subject in the picture. Try to photograph people with diverse taste in music and from different age groups.
5. Select one photo for each of the 8 songs in the playlist, for every person you photograph. 
6. Send the photos back to the person who sent you the playlist, with any three carachteristics, non-related to music, from each person you photographed (e.g name, favourite food and favourite movie or age, favourite movie quote and favourite colour). Then ask them to analyse the pictures, try to figure out which song each person is listening to in each photo, and send you their guesses.
7. Send the right anwers back to the person, so they can see how accurate were their guesses.



My name is Rebeca Prado. I am an art student at UFMG, with specialization in animation. I am a cartoonist and illustrator as well.
I propose to do a ' hunting-objects ' inside the University. The Idea is to have a partner of each university involved in the project. Together, we will compose a list of things that will be given to each partner in the beginning of the week. The objects have to be found (in some way, even abstract) and photographed inside each university until the end of the week (Ex: a gray poodle dog, an old man with a checked shirt, a smoking pipe, etc).

e-mail/MSN : incbeka@hotmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000495296814
My websites:



Who else is lacking a partner? I got a bit caught up in my other coursework and now I'm a bit out of it here. But I am excited about the collaboration and looking forward to getting started.

I'm interested in forming a dialogue through images, and learning about each other's lives.

Message me here, e-mail me (melissa@melissajclark.ca) or add me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/melissajclark)

I'm excited to work on this!



What would you change about the world?

My name is Joanna Glezakos and I am a fourth year student at OCAD University in Canada. I love to take photographs of people whether I know them or not and I am very interested in seeing how the future unfolds. Living in a big city like Toronto I've seen a lot of people who will treat one another poorly, and many more who complain about the state of society yet very few people will do something to make a difference or make a change. Last year I created a body of work (Subway Conflicts) that are candid photographs of Toronto Transit passengers and things I've over heard during these rides. This year I've started to ask people what they would change about the world or more specifically the city they live in and I'm looking for trends. If enough people say they want to change a specific thing I don't see why it isn't being changed. I figured collective body is a great way to reach out to different parts of the world and to different people to make a difference. The images below titled "what would you change" is the start of this idea but I am very open to new ideas and to try new things!




My name is Shanon Fujioka, I'm a forth year photo student at OCADU in Canada. I use photography to express my ideas, and thoughts that are influenced by daily life and observations. I usually photography people I know and how I see them, I love to capture a persons natural self without giving much direction on how to pose or behave in front of the camera. My approach to taking or making my photographs either take on a documentary role or staging the photograph to pronounce my observations. I also love to photograph city life, and landscapes especially when I'm traveling. I haven't posted those since they are online already. I posted on here photographs from current bodies of work that i am producing and others that I haven't posted online yet. I usually work digitally, as many of my work are manipulated in photoshop. However, I would love to work with my analog camera and get back into the darkroom. Since I work usually work digitally, I do find some of my work deals with surveillance, internet, and technology. I do find that Facebook and social networking sites affect our daily lives a lot, at least in Canada anyway. 

As for Collective body, I'm open to any ideas that any of you may have. I do have a few things I would like to explore. 
- One idea would be to explore sexuality within our different cultures and see if there is really a different or not. 
- My second Idea would to some how document our communication, and developing a friendship over the internet. 
- Thirdly, I thought it would be interesting to document aspects our environments and comparing/contrasting them.

You can find me on Facebook, or add me on Skype shanon.fujioka. Check out more of my work at www.shanonfujioka.com

Hope to hear from you all soon!



So... Hey guys~

So I figured it was about time to start talking and figuring ideas out and fine tuning stuff. The sooner the better, eh?



Hi all!
I've worked as a Graphic designer for a while now, and can't help but bring that experience to everything I do. To find new ways to approach projects I am even trying not to touch a computer from time to time. Yeah, pretty much impossible, and really not smart. Currently,  I'm working on my major in Drawing and Painting at OCAD, and I am also doing photography, video and a bit of performance. My cultural background as a Hispanic influences my work, especially in the use of colour and shapes. The think is, even though everything around me tends to be bright and colourful, I'm a person with a dark and moody soul. Always been a fan of those contradictions in life.

An idea for a project:
It's ironic that the more society gets obsessed with knowing the truth, the more we are able to create other realities. Internet is a place where the borders between fake, real, virtual and imaginary can be erased. Having this in mind, the participants will take photographs of places, people or situations, and pretend that those images are part of a larger story between us. We can elaborate, for instance, a love story, or a family relationship, and construct a past to it. We can also add anecdotes and facts that support all of it. We don't need to lie necessarily, since the value of the photographs are that they will be part of our very real fantasies and dreams, and attached to our daily reality. Hope this is clear enough, guys.

I am glad to be part of this conversation, so I am open to everybody's ideas and opinions. Ciao!

Project Description

Background: The possibility of remembering things, to have a past, is what gives us a future. Without memories we wouldn't be able to imagine and build a future in our minds. Without memories, we will live forever in the present. Memories make us who we are. They give a sense of individuality, and help us put ourselves in perspective. Their influence in our lives is so strong that sometimes they can stop us for doing things, make us afraid of the new, and even affect our perception of reality.
The Project: After establishing our 5-persons group, we decided to play a little game to get to know each other better. Now we know that Maya's favourite band is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and that Gretchin's best friend is Andy Buclaw. Luis told us that he writes short stories as a hobby, while Eduardo hates to cook. We know five things about Samuel, including that he prefers his bed messy than tidy.
But those simple facts are not enough to create an emotional link with a new friend. We needed memories. So we decided to share a personal story, an event that has happened in the past, together with an image to illustrate that event. We collected five memories.
The next step was to mess around with those memories. Make an appropriation of that story and construct a new one. We were allow to intervene, intrude and participate somehow in that event; add new details, expanded it, make it our own, get it imprinted with our own language and style. Or simply be inspired by it to deliver new images.
Each one of us came up with a series of photographs that, at the end, can be seen as responses, new memories, or a visual dialogue. Or perhaps they are projections of the past, and that is a better description of our work.
Initial idea: It's ironic that the more society gets obsessed with knowing the truth, the more we are able to create other realities. Internet is a place where the borders between fake, real, virtual and imaginary can be erased. Having this in mind, the participants will take photographs of places, people or situations, and pretend that those images are part of a larger story between us. We can elaborate, for instance, a love story, or a family relationship, and construct a past to it. We can also add anecdotes and facts that support all of it. We don't need to lie necessarily, since the value of the photographs are that they will be part of our very real fantasies and dreams, and attached to our daily reality.



For our collective body, we focused on public spaces that reflect our respective cultures.

Collective 1 shows people in public spaces, Collective 2 shows events, festivals, or day to day activities, and Collective 3 shows public walkways and streets.

Each person responded to the previous person's photograph, according to the order that they are displayed. David started with the first photographs, followed by Fernanda, Anne, Pranshu, and Kiara.
The work you see here are individual images from different series, just to give an idea of my concepts and aesthetic. The image of the bathroom dispenser is from a series taken at the abandoned Kodak factory in Toronto. I am drawn towards decay and historical buildings, and this building for me represents the abandonment of film photography.

My work is generally abstractions of objects that would otherwise not be noticed, or considered boring or unattractive objects. The image of the oxygen tanks was from a series on life and death, and from a distance I feel that the tanks almost resemble people. I usually shoot with a Mamiya TLR or a Holga. The image of a gate, shot with a Holga, is from a series I began on memory. When I returned to England where I lived as a child, this past summer, I took this photograph of the street where I used to live. All of the buildings had been torn down and rebuilt, and because it was pouring rain that day, the image is obstructed by the rain, adding to the idea of loss and memory.

The image of the teddy bears was also taken with a Holga, at an arcade, and inverted in the darkroom. I am drawn to repetitive patterns, which only become recognizable objects up close. The portrait image is the first of a new series relating to digital communication and pixelation. It is a cyanotype exposed on hand-woven fabric.

For the collective body project I am interested in the idea of connecting to people in another country through online communication. I would like to have a small collaborative assignment on a weekly basis, perhaps having a different theme or general idea each week. I think that having a weekly, or bi-weekly, project to do would keep the collaborations going and allow for a regular visual dialogue. This would also allow us to understand the other person more by the end of the semester, and it would show the different takes on the subject/theme by each artist, each influenced by their own culture and experiences.



Hello everyone,

My name is Raymond Salaber. I am currently studying at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada in the Photography program. My favourite medium to work in is Analog photography, but I am also well versed in digital photography, as well as different types of mediums such as drawing, a little bit of painting, graphic design, and sculpture.

The works I have chosen to upload are things that I am interested in. I'm intrigued by shapes and form of objects, and the subject of the mundane. Artists such as William Eggleston and Jeff Wall are what I'm drawn to, as well as Gregory Crewdson and a lot of others. I'm highly personal when it comes to my photographic work, and I think that working in Analog emphasizes that notion. Most of the photographs I take either have something to do with aspects of my personal life, identity, and the people around me. 

Lately I've been dealing with work that contrasts between my Eastern upbringings and Western societal norms. I find that the differences in the cultures are fascinating and there are many things we can learn through self exploration of identity in relation to others.




I am Essi Laurila, a fourth year Fine Arts student from Finland. I am interested in photography, video, installation and public art. I am also into urban planning, maps, street art and abandoned spaces.
I have taken photos, made videos, done sculpture to a public space and made a community arts project with a friend, where teenagers had a change to draw about their thoughts and we put the pictures to a public space in Tampere. I like trying different things and one thing I would like to do in the future is learn to make projections to a space. I am also interested in site-specific text works (maybe projecting text to a space). And making art using maps. And to make more video work.
I spent the fall 2010 in Toronto and the spring 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. I am addicted to travelling and I am always interested in new people and places. So it is interesting to take part to this project too!
I would like work with someone who is interested some kind of public art but I am open to anything! Don't hesitate to contact me J
My email is essi.laurila@cult.tpu.fi



I'm into contrast, darkness, "situation based" low-key lighting, colors, details and chaos, unusual situations and the feel of the moment. You don't have to be. 

I'm looking for people who would like to go maybe a bit more conceptual feel in their work, as do I. 
Away from concrete information and technique in the pictures? More towards the feel and the surface of the photograph? Contact me.
Facebook: Katti E. Hellman (add me, if you're interested in my doings, there's some random stuff in my profile too)
My e-mail: k.hellman@me.com
(I'm a fourth year fine art student from Finland and I'm doing my thesis work at the moment.)



Statement (Kinain)

The aspects of the human condition are more important than any material on which they could be depicted.
I have laid my interest in the extreme phenomena born out of our social structures and manners of thought. There is no reason to constrain what I use to one medium or another. Thus I work with different media, mainly photography, installations and new genre public art. For some reason I'm drawn to working outside art as pictures.
Art is and should be in supplement to the written and spoken word and pictures - interventions and installations into the public discourse. Thus all the forms and actions seen in this discourse are material to manipulate and redefine. A truly terrorist art as in Virilio's vision.
Who says a written essay or a questionnaire cannot be hung in a gallery space? Unconventional actions and temporal interventions whatever their origin can be as valuable as any art object. My preferred material is the realm of symbols that surrounds us, in essence the human mind. The artist himself is a symbol, a story to be told and used


The whole name and thus the theme of "Collective Body" fascinates me. It brings to mind the frase "Community of Women", with its clashing interpretations, radical left-wing ideas of doing away with the subject and even the problematization of the body itself - the suffering body as the basis of ethics. The name of the collaboration resonates deeply with the concepts I find worth pondering.

Body has already played a major part in my work. Not the bodily experience as such, but the material, "corporeal" vessels that we are, the body that is made subject, the body on which techniques are enacted, the body that is no longer an unique human being.


I'd be interested in doing something beyond a clear medium-oriented aproach. As stated above: actions and interventions in the discourse. I'm not a photographer's photographer; pictures themselves are not my aim.



Hi. My name is Anna Knappe and I'm a fourth year art student at TAMK, Finland. My online blog/portfolio can be found here: makeitpancakes.com. There you can find more of my works, some random photos, artist's statement and my cv.

I make media art, mostly videos and video installations, but also webpages and other stuff. Besides that, I also take a lot of photographs. Photos are very important in my working process even though I don't see myself as a photography artist. Most of the time my photos are just images of memories or moments, and even more often they are self portraits in different places and outfits. I'm more interested in the moments than images.

I joined this collective body project because I want to meet new people and maybe find a long term friends and work partners in other countries. Nowadays it's impossible to be an artist without collaborating with others: the times of lonely artists, working long days alone in their studios, are gone.

My working method is very often documentary. Either I document myself and my daily life or find a theme I'm interested in and document that. Then I collect the materials I have and try to find the important things in them. At the moment the theme I'm most interested in is isolation. I'm interested in people who are being socially excluded or hidden from the public view, or who have intentionally isolated themselves and chosen to live in their own world.

Please contact me with any ideas/questions/anything you have. I'm open to all kinds of things and really looking forward to doing some great projects. My e-mail is anna.knappe@cult.tamk.fi, skype name anna.knappe and my facebook profile is here.



Just a while ago I took part on an international seminar considering the way art contributes with science. We were searching ways to do environmental computing. How art is present in different stages of science. Gathering data, processing it and finally publishing data. As we thing about media art, many ways that we work making art are similar to the way scientist are working making their own work. What is the difference between these fields of doing our work.
Well, these are just few thoughts that have been on my head lately.
What I have been doing as in a field of art is mostly photography and video works. As continuous theme in my work I am reflecting borders that human beings are building to themselves in between themselves and society — control and isolation that relates to this. Process that is behind these works is often important for me in person.




I am Elsa Trzaska, a third year Fine Arts student from Tampere, Finland. I'm interested about photography and video art. I posted some photographs here. As you can see, I usually photograph people, mostly my friends and myself and also different places and homes. And about my video works, I could say that they are defined like "pop art". There are usually some girl acting and doing stuff, with a bit of humor of course.
I would like to work with someone who shares the same interests. I hope you got interested!
My email is elsa.trzaska@cult.tamk.fi
And if you aren't yet my facebook friend, don't hesitate to add me as a friend :)
See ya!



I'm Ismo Torvinen. I'm third year student of fine arts in Tampere academy of Applied Sciences. I've been doing some sculptors and painting and lot of thinking lately some writing. Video and live performance art isn't far either.
I posted few photos of my recent works and few photo from the far past. Pizza church is the latest of my works. I built up a church out of pizza boxes. There was some music and live performance art.
With Collective body project I'm open to anything really.
I've been playing with idea for a while. Would be nice to make a dance together with several people around the world.



Hey you!
Hello, I'm Tuomas Koskialho,a Finnish art student specialized in photography art. Right now I'm doing my exhange studies in Portugal, so I'll be joining you from another corner of Europe. Hopefully this is going to be an amazing collaboration, really looking forward to it!
I have a little idea for a project:
Im gonna call it "The Track of Time". First we form a group and then we document our everyday-life through time. For example, what are you doing at 9am, 13pm, 19pm and midnight. I know everyone is somehow dependent on time, but there must be some differences. If this kind of project interests you, feel free to contact me so we can develop it into a masterpiece!
E-mail: tuomas.koskialho@cult.tamk.fi
Facebook: http://fi-fi.facebook.com/tuomaskoskialho

Website: www.tuomaskoskialho.com

Artist's Statement:
In my artistic work I go deep into reality and try to figure out what is real and what only looks real. By using a camera as my tool I try to study my environments, people around me and myself. I will not reveal great truths, but tell little white lies of which behind each there's a glimpse of something very real and delicate.
For me, photography is never about capturing the perfect shot, but exactly the opposite. It's about dealing with the vulgar reality of actual experience. Unsuccessful moments will bring a whole range of emotions with them. And usually the perfect shot would kill the moment because it's just too vulnerable to be captured that way.

The most important thing in my art works is the intense connection between me and my subjects and that way the connection remains strong also between the photographs and the viewer. I like to think that I've been influenced by such artists as Nan Goldin, Larry Clark and Wolfgang Tillmans.

I always work in series and consider my works as experimental investigations on the other side of documentary photography.


Rahul S Ravi, currently based in Ahmedabad, completed his Master's in Photography Design from the National Institute of Design (NID), which is internationally acclaimed as one of the foremost multi-disciplinary institutions in the field of design education and research. He specializes in conceptual documentary photography. A literature graduate and a graphic designer by profession, he was a passionate practicing photographer before joining the course at NID. A humanist eye drives his photography and his documentation has a conceptual approach to it.  His photographic projects try to bring in focus socio-cultural issues that have been at times overlooked by the mass media.  These very qualities in his work 'Indian Jewish identity' made him the Second Indian to win the prestigious Tierney fellowship. During his PG program at NID, after a rigorous portfolio review, he got the opportunity to work in Reuters India Ltd as a photojournalist under Mr. Arko Datta, Photo Editor, Reuters India Ltd and the World Press Photo laureate from India; a stint that helped him whet his skills and gain international exposure. He is currently working as a Teaching Associate in Photography Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.















I am Chinar from National Institute of Design, India. I am from literature and cultural studies background. I have been working as a document photographer in India. I am interested in self portraits.



Hi Group,

Nothing travels faster than light, with the exception of your desire to excel which follows its own rules. At the age 22 I believe in celebrating my creative spark. I believe in living my love for the Click . 
Click of a camera, Click of a mouse and Click of an idea. 

Myself Pranshu Dubey student of National Institute of Design India.

I am open to all kind of projects and work.Basically i am interested into architectural  photography and 360 degree  panoramic photography.

You can see my more work on FB 



We can do some stunning work with light  painting.
For example crating a scene of baseball or basketball game with light painting on
court itself to make it realistic.

Hope to listen back from you.



Project Idea - Anyone interested to join in??

Sarah Tehan from UCA, UK and myself are thinking of producing a project that looks at how we interpret, represent, things differently. We were thinking of starting be giving each other a local phase in which the other person produce an image to represent it. Then that image gets passed back and then from our understanding of that image we produce a new image.
We thought this might get more interesting if we could get a few more people involved.
At the moment our minds have gone blank, for the local phase, and have started with looking at representing the letter J see how it works.



A photograph is all about good composition, by keeping things simple.It is nothing but the passage of time. Each of the photographs tells a story. Through my photographs I am always trying to integrate time and narrative. I am always seek to create emotional impact of my photographs.


My name's Lydia, I'm twenty one years old, I'm in my second year of studying Fine Art and I'm very excited to be part of this project!

Through of my love of travelling and endless interest in people and their lives I have become passionate about using art as an international language and I'm very conscious of making my work accessible to people. I want a stranger in the street to feel something about the things I make: A history of in-depth art study shouldn't be necessary!  

I am interested in using humour and irony and my work so far this year has been really playful. I'm trying to drop my perceptions of what art 'should' be and care a little less about making mistakes by acting quickly when I have an idea. I've begun working with the written word and exploring performance for the first time. My studio space is in a window, so I suppose everything I'm doing this year is a performance!

My ideas about this collaboration so far have centred around the concept of 'conversation'. How might we hold a conversation without coming face to face? Could we try taking a photograph, or sending an image, or symbol, or some kind of suggestion to the other person and seeing if we can hold a conversation this way? Perhaps there will be miscommunications, bad translations and problems- How will we overcome these to keep the conversastion going? I would like to avoid a direct conversation, using Skype for example, until the end to see how much we heave learnt about one another without hearing voice or seeing moving gestures.

Having said this, I'm very open to ideas on this project, and wouldn't mind being swayed in a direction I know nothing about. I look forward to hearing from you soon!



My name is Amy and im a second year Fine Art student at Leeds Metropolitan University. First and foremost, i am an illustrator and painter concerned with a combination of the mystical and the philosophical. My greatest source of inspiration is the nature of perception. I find the communication bewtween what we see and what we feel fascinating. The aim within my work is not to reveal an ultimate truth about why and how we experience,but to express my understanding of it.

It seems that the older we get, the more we forget to look. In a previous project i wanted to show how something very simple can be transformed into something very complex. I did this by experimenting with short abstract film; filming things close up, manipulating them on Final Cut Pro, resulting in a completely transformed aesthetic. This is something i may be interested in continuing with during this project. 

I also have been working with sound and installation but i am really happy to try new things so i do not have a set media in mind for this project, it would be nice to see what ideas come naturally!

Hopefully the works i have put up show a bit of variation and if you like any of it give me a message, will be nice to share some ideas!



Hi everybody I'm Lucy and I'm studying Fine Art at Leeds Met.
My previous practice has been centred around collage and the lost and found photograph/image. I am interested in appropriation and authorship of the image. Last year i studied at the Estonian academy of arts for 4 months working mainly in the print studio with lino cut and etching. I very much enjoyed my time living in Tallinn and  the experience led to development in my photography skills and a great collection of  imagery found in newspapers, markets and magazines. It was interesting to see the difference between images found in an Estonian paper in contrast to those found in an English paper.  I would not neccessarily call myself a photographer but i am interested in photography as a means to capturing "collaged" elements of the visual in our everyday, "life's respirant collage." 
My experience in Tallinn was an eye opener in terms of interacting with people from all over the world and I enjoyed seeing the way they work in different fields of art and design.
If i were to suggest a project i would start maybe with the title "narrative." I would also love for anyone to send me imagery they have found so i could make a piece using imagery i have not selected and vice versa. Within my practice, I am interested in investigating visual communication and perception, and ideas of collective image association.
I have never really collaborated with other artists before but I am open to any ideas for suggested projects if any of you chose to work with me!



Hi I'm Claire,I'm studying Fine Art at Leeds Met.
My practice has become focused on communication/miscommunication. I have a particular interest in the importance of the human voice and, through this project, am hoping to investigate cross-cultural communication to highlight cultural differences within the voice.

There is a big danger in misunderstanding each other if cultural differences in our voices are not recognised. Non-verbal means of communication such as tone of voice can completely change the meaning of the words we speak. I'm interested to see how this changes in different languages.

Ideally my partner will not be a confident English speaker, however this is not a must.

I would like this collaboration to include sound, perhaps recordings of our own voices.

One idea I had would be for one partner to record themselves asking a question in their own language, to which the other partner would answer in their own language and carry out conversations in this way so people listening to the piece might have to guess one side of the conversation to try to make sense of it. This could be part of a video,or include photographs too?

I'm open to other ideas, get in touch!





Art is dead good, I like it lots, so do you, clearly. Lets make some, it should be fun and even if it isnt, I'm sure we can move on with our lives as if nothing ever happened.
Hello I'm Lawrence, I am an artist, studying in Leeds UK.

Don't want to ramble on too much, so I shall try keep this short.

Decided to get involved with the collective body project as I have never been abroad, (not through lack of interest, more a lack of funds) so thought it would be very interesting to collaborate with the young artists far from this wet and cold island.

Im interested in everything. But most recently ideas such as identity, recursion, what defines a person's worth, success, and how visual symbolism denotes different meaning depending on the viewer.

I have no primary medium but i work with sound, photography, drawings, collage, video work.

Recently i have become very inspired by the ideas of journeys, namely journeys we take every single day and how this breeds a feeling of repetitiveness, or "looping".
Thought it would be cool to explore this theme through the medium of video, possibly comparing the journeys often taken in your local area, maybe overlaying the video.

I am however open to many ideas due to the fact, as I said earlier, I am interested in everything.

Got skype, got gmail, get in touch if you fancy a collaboration :D

Much love



I am Bess!
I'm playing around with interaction, communication and body language. I'm a bit of a people watcher and I guess I am using that by encouraging people to play and interact, and making it part of my work at the moment. 

I have no set ideas for this project, however I think it would be good to work with someone who perhaps is working with a similar theme. That said, I am happy to get on board with any ideas others may have! 
I love to play and regularly work in Photography, Print, Sculpture, Written Word and other bits and bobs. 

Some very brief ideas springing to mind right now are:

*Passing a photograph back and forth, and adding original bits to it each time?
*Creating a story via Skype. I say one word, someone says another etc etc until we have a story?
*Passing self portraits back and forth, each responding to the last. For example, one person waves in one photo, the other waves and holds up a sign saying hello in theirs, the other send a photo back in reaction... etc?

Very brief ideas though. Feel free to get in touch! I'm more than happy to have a chat and get a plan down with other peoples interests and ideas too!

Looking forward to this!



I'm told I am good with words, I use creative writing a lot and find inspiration from lyrics. Music is very important to me. I play cello and guitar.

I own an analogue film camera and a digital camera. I love being in the dark room. A favourite past time of mine is just to walk, and take photos of things that I find interesting along the way. I'm inquisitive, by nature. 
I also enjoy portrait photography and playing with light, textures and theme. 

I'm quiet, a thinker, but I am not shy and hope to work with someone on a project that really interests everyone involved.


My current photography practise is mainly portraiture related, but i am also really interested in the family, the family album and the concept of the fantasy 'perfect family'. I enjoy photography that is personal and relates to identity and family life.
I do also really enjoy studio photography and music photography, i am intrigued with the idea of trying to show music in a photograph (or series of photographs)
For this project i am open to many ideas, but i would like to do something along the lines of any of these types of work mentioned above. I would also like to possibly combine image and text as i have a few ideas related to identity and appearance. I look forward to working with you!
Can You Tell My Taste In…

Can You Tell My Taste In Music?

Music has a way of making itself present in our lives, whether it's on our daily routine or in special moments. For that, it will always create a feeling in each and everyone of us, a bad or a good one.
Our aim for Collective Body was to try to catch this feeling, by photographing people's spontaneous reactions and face expressions while listening in headphones to an 8-song playlist, that has been pre-prepared and exchanged between us. The catch with this proposal is that music will be portrayed and perceived with other senses, rather than the hearing sense. Exchanging the photographs, we can analyse the different reactions and expressions, what they say about the people who were photographed and their taste in music, and what are the differences between our playlists and culture





With the objective of narrative, we will create a photographic chain, with each new image inspired by the previous one. 

One person will begin the project by photographing anything, then the second person will photograph something that has been inspired by the previous image, and this chain will continue on. Through this process a subjective narrative will develop, but because it has ben crafted by three separate members the story will be fluid and open, with no particular style or theme. 



Hi everyone, I'm James and I am currently in my Final Year studying for a BA (Hons) in Photography at University for the Creative Arts - Farnham, England.

I am into creative documentaries and cinematic related photography. A few artists I'm interested in and have been looking at recently are Fazal Sheikh, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Michael Wesley, Joel Sternfeld, and Larry Sultan. 

Each of my photographs in my uploads have detailed descriptions. Any questions and comments are welcome.

For this years Collective Body project, I might go for the idea of unique viewing perspectives, if I can't think of anything else. What I got in mind now is the camera being the eye of something observing objects and/or subjects in the world from unusual view points. Angles that differs from what we generally see something. Some lighting added for that extra uncanny look would be great as well.

Website: cargocollective.com/jamesstewartphotos
Blog: JStewartSnaps.tumblr.com


Hi I'm Letty,

Always find writing hard. Everything comes out wrong.
I'd really wanted to be part of the collective body project as I feel its a great way of not only meeting new people, also find collaborative projects amazing, seeing groups of people create extraordinary work.

I'm very much into documentary photography however have an interest in its other genres. I work a lot on analogue.
Not sure of this but I'd really like how people react to one another, especially in markets. Find marketplaces, the sellers and buyers all very funny. It's the best place to find different cultures, both social and traditional and great for food. This is also because I like to watch people.
I just love sitting and looking at how the gestures, languages and conversations taken place in markets happen, that appeals to me. If this also does to you it would be great to share images.
Exposed: Rivers & Bridges
Identity is generally represented through a portrait. Be it painting or photography, face remains the representative body part for individual identity.
This is a working investigation on the uses and language of portraiture and identity through the self and the other. It is an attempt to go beyond the face to create multi layered identities. Virtual realities has allowed for people to develop and create different forms of identity, therefore by using email and facebook as main forms of communication, we have explored the notion of the identity and representation of the self through the other.
By double exposing a portrait of us with items that best define us and a portrait that is double exposed with items that best define the other, which is the truer definition of the self? What language and discourse has this now created through working in collaboration at great distances?

By Chinar & Letitia



I like to experiment with different modes of photography. Although most of my work is done using medium format, I have recently started to experiment with polaroid. I like the instant gratification with polaroid. The unknowing of what you might actually get in the picture when experimenting with it. I hope to further my experimentation with this project..possibly even more so with text and other mediums. I like abstract images..something which makes the viewer really stop stare and think....but who knows here to have fun and create and I look forward to creating something immense with you guys.







Hi my name is Gary and i am studying Photography in my 3rd year at UCA in Farnham, England.

One of my passions in life is exploring other cultures; I am vastly interested in social documentary and hope to pursue this in the future. A life ambition of mine is to take photographs in places like India, Brazil and all over the world, as I find different country's really interesting and challenging.
I work great in a team, as I love to bounce ideas off people to see where it goes, and that fact that I will be working with people who have a completely different background to myself will add a whole new dimension to any project I have worked on before; which really excites me. And I hope that you will also find this fun and interesting.
Most of my work is influenced by society and documentary. I have a few ideas and also i have talked about my work below.

*looking at what we find pleasurable. So take photos of what we do that we find pleasurable.
*look at a place and try and show how we use that place etc.
*Or we could  talk about our culture and things that each culture does that other countrys do not, and teach each other how to make or do this particular thing. then we photograph trying to do it and it shows a document of different cultures exchanging cultures.
*Or do a long exposure of something all of us do everyday, like take a shower, get dressed, eat, get ready in the morning, kiss other people. And see if each of us differ. And long exposures are quite cool.

And i am open to any other ideas those were just a few off the top of my head.
My institution series, was looking at an Art gallery called 'The Light Box' in Woking, I was looking at not just the art side, and seeing how it percents the art and the behind the scenes of the gallery. Rather. I was aiming at the social aspect of the art scene in the gallery, as it is not just artistes and academics now that visit. It is also a place where people can get a bite to eat and catch up. As 'The Light Box' is a public meeting place for family's to rest and have a chat.  In addition it also holds activities for young children in school, to get them more interested in art.
My Tunisia work came about when I visit Tunisia, and decided I wanted to go on the tourist's routs and visits and focus on the people that worked at the places rather than the people I was with. I did this, as I wanted to create a body of documentary work that was more looking at how the people lived and earn their money and the separation between us. 
The sleeping men project is my own little project that I started when I realised that men sleep a lot on trains, buses and well any transport if they can. And I thought it would be interesting to start this little project looking at people sleep wile moving on some sort of transport. I no its not very deep but its just fun.
The male statues series is a project where I was looking at the male form and Greek and other nude statues. I was trying to make the subject into an object by taking away his identity and humanity, by photographing him on a medium format camera and over exposing it by a little so he almost blends into the background and resembles marble.  I chose the poses that I thought would most de humanise him but also play with the index in photography.
The nudes are very similar in the way I was trying to take away there identity, sexuality and trying to objectify them. But this time I was looking at use of shadows and specific lighting to create the effect, also I used male and female models. As the photographs are in black and white there race was also fragmented with in the image, which I liked.
I hope you find my photographs interesting, and cant wait to hear if anyone fancies working together. Thanks for reading.



Project idea, anyone want to join.
G. Tarun:(NID-India) and myself are thinking of producing a project that looks at how we interpret, represent, things differently. We were thinking of starting be giving each other a local phase in which the other person produce an image to represent it. Then that image gets passed back and then from our understanding of that image we produce a new image.
We thought this might get more interesting if we could get a few more people involved.
At the moment our minds have gone blank, for the local phase, and have started with looking at representing the letter J see how it works.



Hi i'm Hannah!
Passionate photographer in my second year at university at UCA in Farnham.
My proposal for this collaborative project is to find a partner to make a set of  self portraits to represent daily life. Id like to try and capture ourselves in that moment in time, for example every 30 minutes take a picture on a tripod or surface and point the camera at yourself with the environment you are in. The set would work well if you were maybe on a journey somewhere to the shops, on a bus, or whatever you get up to on a day to day basis. I think it would be interesting to show where you go; people you see; to see the differences in places; and to create a visual observation of how our lives are different or maybe even similar.
Even though i would like to do this, and i am very open to different ideas!
Thanks, talk soon..



During my course I have experimented with conceptual and abstract photography, still life as well as portraiture. What inspires me the most is the human being in all of its meaning, soul and body.  I find very interesting how culture and routine affects people's  beliefs, ideas, thinking process as well as their actual body. Each person is a totally unique existence and that creates a mystery which i would like to explore.