Visiting professor

Visiting and/or Visiting Foreigner to the area of Cinema of Animation and Digital Arts (Selective Process)

Brazilian Official Diary of the Union (Records)

Number of vacancies: 01 (one)
Area of Knowledge: Cinema of Animation and Digital Arts
Working conditions: 40 (forty) weekly hours, full time, with exclusive dedication
Required degree: PhD in Arts or Animation or Design or Computing or Communication or Cinema and related areas

Profile of the candidate: Teacher or researcher of recognized competence in his / her area of activity, with a history of contributions to the reflection on higher education or proposing innovations in undergraduate teaching.
Teacher with relevant artistic experience and / or teaching art. It is desirable to have reference publications that include 1 or 2 of the areas: experimental animation, animation cinema, procedural animation, generative art, evolutionary systems and computational creativity, data visualization and virtual reality.


Phone: (31) 3409-5297

Selection method:

  • Curriculum Vitae Analysis
  • Individual Work Plan Analysis

Table of title judgements and curriculum analysis

Selection day: September 30, 2019

Period of validity of the selection: 18 (eighteen) months, counted from the publication of the Announcement of Homologation of the final result, not extendable.

Duration of the contract: 1 (one) year (Brazilian) or 2 (two) years (foreign), under the terms of item 9 of the General Conditions for Visiting Professor Selection

Individual Report of Teacher Activities 2019

The edict is also available in English, emphasizing that in case of divergence between the versions of the edict in English and Portuguese, the version of the edital in Portuguese will prevail

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